READ THIS: New Blog Address

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Dear Readers, I’ve moved blog locations and am too poor for a WordPress redirect. For more updates, please join and follow me again at the below address: A Dark Moon in Orbit Yours, in friendship and fiction, SparkyGetstheGirl

Time to Fly (300 Word Race The Date #6 Winner)

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The virus drifts, a long silk rope that winds in a loop deep within the man’s lower intestine.

Stuck here for days, embedded within the rotting meat of a cheap beef pie that the man has bought from an old mom and pop’s general store on the way home from his job at Johnson & Hibbard—‘The Tax Specialists’— the virus knows patience. In its limited way, it understands that the body encasing it is not, by and large, a strong body.

The virus unfurls and releases the initial infection.

Ode to a Random Cat I Fed Earlier and Now It’s 3.20 AM

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Dear Cat,

We started off so well,
I saw you outside 
(without a collar or bell),
I fed you to shut you up,
And keep you from little birds 
you might get rough (with),
Now you're yowling 
outside - monotone,
I was a fool to believe 
that you'd leave me alone,
And I have no boot to throw,
But you're black - 
if it hit you, 
how would I know?
We used to be close friends.
I'm not a catmurdererbynature