Whips ‘n Chains

Whips 'n Chains

‘I found you lying by the side of road. From the moment I saw you, I was in love.’

I looked down at the huddled form. Held her there with my eyes.

Please, she seemed to say, I’m so hungry.

She could not speak. Circumstances dictated she would not.

‘I brought you home. Kept you warm. Made this your home.’

I gestured at the dank crawlspace.

You’re cruel. So cruel. Someone will find me.

No one would find us here.

She shivered, slowly crawling back against the stone wall.

A dripping of water.

My voice changed:

‘You had an … accident. I got you fixed. You ran away.’

In my hands, the length of chain tightened.

‘I found you. I always find you.’

I’ll do what you want. Please. Just not that again.

There was something akin to horror in those orbs, so bright in the low-light.

‘You will do what I want. When I want.’

I can’t.

Her small form was low.

‘You will.’

I was on her then, and the links snapped home.

I pulled.

My pulse leapt.

‘Come on, girl. Walkies.’

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