Why Does My Head Hurt?


'Why, oh why, does my head hurt?'

These headaches 
are getting far too intense.
The pain is a warning
I heed for the moment,
then I pop a pill,
and the moment is gone.

'I mean, I just don't understand.'

I sit 
at a computer
on the couch
on the train
on a bus
on a plane
head down
thumbs blurring
hunched over
around a sun
that will one day go out. 

'Oh god,'
I exclaim
as I clutch
at my brain
as the information
is shovelled in 
yet again
spewing forth
in a stream
from a never-ending source 
of bright lights 
and loud noise
that blunts sleep
and dulls wit.


'My synapses!'
I scream
as with a jolt
like a dream
a cascade begins
that runs down
and within
from neuron
to axon
to dendrite
to soma
to cell
to nucleus
and further within.
Then failure.
Then meltdown.

Then ... Pop.

'Why does my head hurt?'

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