My Sweet Adeline


Flip had always meandered through life, skipping from course to career like a blind man playing cliff-side hopscotch. He’d attained a Degree in Obscure Nameology, a Certificate in Advanced Life Studies, and a Diploma in Tilting At Windmills. He’d washed computers’ innards; cleaned the inside of puppets; distracted air traffic controllers; typed up random number sequences (for code); skirted the issue of pants; polished bricks; tamed gophers; stopped watches; stole mink; dried water; delivered devilry; and painted positive slogans in braille, all for the most meagre of monies. But that never bothered Flip – he had a ‘plan’.

Yes, dear reader, Flip had a life goal: to paint his name brightly, extra adjective intended – to work optical wonders in the sky. Continue reading